Giving Up Alcohol - Week 5

Diary of an Abstainer - Week 5

Booze Free is publishing a personal account of the experience of 'M' as he embarks on a journey to reduce alcohol intake. This is a live record and will be updated regularly - This is Week 5.

As has become the norm, we've asked 'M' a couple of questions

Have you found a favourite alcohol free drink yet?

No I haven't but I am working my way through them. I've mainly been drinking lagers and I was surprised how different they were, especially noticeable when drinking one after another. I shouldn't really be surprised as alcoholic lagers vary a lot so why shouldn't the alcohol free versions? Anyway, I like the Super Bock Pils and the Jever Fun, oh, and the Sagres, in fact quite a few of them!

Has it been any easier or more difficult to give up alcohol than you were expecting?

It's probably been easier overall than I expected. The hardest thing has been getting out of what is essentially a habit; sitting down with a drink to relax. I've stopped drinking for a month or so once of twice before, for dry Jan or lent or something, but that was quite a long time ago. It's been easier this time as I think I was a bit fed up with drinking if I'm honest. The first week was probably the hardest, the time when that habit tried to kick in. And I could still kill for a glass of wine. Alcohol free beer is great, I can still participate partially in my habit if I need to, but alcohol free wine doesn't hit the spot for me.

Week 5

Day 29

Monday is always a very hectic day, loads of work to do, not enough time to do it. I actually find that I am working later now that I'm not stopping to have a beer. That's not a good change, I should find something else to do. Maybe some of that exercise I've been meaning to do.  

Day 30

Here are my vital stats this week. Yep we're on the way down again, only a little bit, but it's the right direction.

Metric (last week)(start) Imperial (last week)(start)
Height 181cm 6ft
Weight 112kg (113kg)(115.5kg) 17st 9lb (17st11lb)(18st3lb)
Waist 113cm (114cm)(116cm) 44.5" (45")(45.5")
Chest 118cm (119cm)(122cm) 46.5" (47")(48")
Blood Pressure 168/106 (147/106)(155/109) Level 2 High (Level 2 High)
BMI 33.4 (33.7) (34.5) Obese

Day 31

1 MONTH DONE!!!- Nothing more really needs to be said today. Yesterday was the last day of a full calendar month off the alcohol. Today I embark on Month 2! How much longer will it last? I don't know. But I do know that I won't be having any beer or wine to celebrate as I may have done previously on such occasion. That would only undo all the good work! If you are going sober this October then you have a week or so left and you will know what I mean. There is a bit of you that would love a drink and another bit that says 'I don't need it' - which bit do you give in to???

Day 32

In celebration of my achievement I bought some new jeans today. It seems ages since I've done any clothes shopping, what with Covid and lockdown, there was not really a need to buy new things. Now here's an interesting bit of info - I am a 36" waist in Levis Jeans. I have been a 36" waist for the last 20 years other than a couple of years when I moved down to 34". So for all you men out there who have looked at my stats, but specifically my waist measurement and BMI, and thought that you're ok - don't be fooled, get the tape measure out and get measuring (around the belly button!)

Day 33

Yesterday I talked about not going clothes shopping for ages. I actually ordered a few T-shirts probably 18 months ago. They were all different brands and fitted differently. One was an Oakley T-Shirt and it was a bit snug to say the least but guess what - The T-Shirt fits! So, so, so, so pleased and all I've done is cut out the alcohol.

Day 34

I had a packet of crisps!! It's the first packet I've had since I started this (yes I know, the Oakley T-shirt won't fit for long!) I've not been avoiding crisps, I just not had any (until now).

Day 35

On Monday I talked about doing exercise in the 'extra' time I seem to have. Also because I'm feeling less tired than I was a month ago so I am more up for it but I still haven't done any. When I said to a friend that I've just not found time, he suggested that maybe that was just an excuse. I think maybe he's right. It's not intentional but it is an excuse. Note to self - sort out exercise plan next week.

Week 6 will be published w/c 25/10.

Warning: If you think you may be reliant on alcohol, cutting out alcohol completely could be dangerous. Please consult your doctor or visit the NHS website for more information. 

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