About Us

Booze Free launched in February 2019 and our focus is to provide a wide selection of beers and lagers, as well as a range of ciders. At times, we may also add other non-alcoholic drinks to our shop. For us the priority is to deliver quality and choice. If we’re not happy to buy it and drink it, we don’t stock it.

The Booze Free Team is dedicated to bringing high-quality, great tasting low alcohol, alcohol free and non-alcoholic beverages to UK consumers. Centred on flexibility, our customers can buy single bottles or whole cases and anything in-between.

Our belief is that you should have the information you need to decide exactly what to buy which is why, in addition to product descriptions, we also include key nutritional information on all our drinks (where available). 

Inspired by the explosion of craft beers into the market and a fascination with the technical nature of brewing, our founder, a part-time brewer, and the rest of our team is on hand to provide our customers with in-depth knowledge of the products we stock. If you have questions send us an email at help@boozefree.co.uk or follow us on Instagram (@boozefreeuk) and drop us a DM.

Our customer service is second to none and we have the highest rating in the sector. Have a look at our Product and Service Reviews page to see what people think about us. 

At Booze Free we believe that giving up or cutting back is not about depravation, it’s about discovering the path to balance. We want to support, educate and enable that journey. Together we are Redefining Drinking.