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All the staff at Booze Free pride themselves on the service offered to our customers. You are our main focus and we treat all our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves - that is our guiding principle for everything we do. 

We work hard to make sure that our customers are happy. If you ever want help or any advice about alcohol free then feel free to get in touch.

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Excellent product

Excellent product > get taste , quick delivery

My mixed up 0% Beer Case!

All in all I was very impressed by the selection - the flavours were enjoyable and more than acceptable. The only beer I disliked had the lime/lemon flavour which I don’t like at anytime.
A good selection of beers, most you won’t find on a supermarket shelf. I definitely recommend to other customers and purchase again myself.

Nice bitterness at the end.

Pours nice and clear with a good head. I can't say I can taste much ginger in it but it is quite hoppy with a nice bitterness at the end

Slightly Hazy

Slightly hazy with a massive head. It has a bit of an unusual taste but not unpleasant. I prefer their Polaris Porter but this is quite good.

Unpleasant aroma.

Lovely clear looking beer with a decent head. The aroma isn't that pleasant and it's a bit too malty for my taste but not a bad beer though

Excellent value - excellent stout

It’s the most cost effective and competitive price I’ve ever seen for what I regard as the king of AF beers

Lindeboom Ale - Alcohol Free 0.5% - Discounted

Loved them, like real beer

not arrived

Hi i have not received this order yet?

Blown Away!

I haven’t had a “real” beer in over 25 years. The Corona Cero reminds me of what Corona tasted like way back then. Throw a slice of lime down the neck and enjoy a guilt free Mexican brew!

Lindeboom Ale - Alcohol Free 0.5% - Discounted

Great tasting beer natural ingredients

Sagres Non Alcoholic Beer - 0.0% - Discounted

A real refreshing beer, well worth a try. You wouldn't think it's non alcoholic. Loved it. Recommend.

The Krombacher non alcoholic pilsner is a lovely crisp clean beer that has all the flavour of a full alcohol beer. I will definitely buy from this company again. They have an array of non alcoholic drinks to choose from.
Highly recommended

Excellent way to try new beers

The title says it all. The only reason not to get 5 stars is personal, there were a couple of beers I wasn't too keen on. But all in all great and I'll be ordering again

Bitter-drinking non drinker loves it

Very few alcohol free bitters available - and those that are available often not veggie. This ticks all the boxes and is a great bitter.

My tee-total bitter-loving husband was delighted with this

Best alcohol free for someone who loves bitter but has to enjoy it without the alcohol. Really recommended

Lowtide Promises I Made Myself Alcohol Free IPA 0.5%

Rothaus Pilsner - Alcohol Free 0.5%- Discounted
Johnny C
Love love love

I have German friends who believe that Rothaus Pilsner is the best beer in Germany. The same can probably be said for the AF version. Hands down my favourite (and the best) AF lager.

Sober Carpenter White Ale - Alcohol Free 0.5%
Andrew Prismall

I love this beer. It’s got real taste and body .

A favourite of the better half of the partnership

I find this one to be completely inoffensive. Not in the same way that heineken 0.0 is inoffensive though. It's a little more malty than you might expect from a pilsner, not too bitter but still has a bit of a hop bite on the back end of the tasting. For me, I'd like a little more of everything, for the other half, it's just right.

Divine Brewing Co Vesta Golden Ale - Alcohol Free 0.5%


Lovely light and crisp ale, I prefer this one chilled a little more than usual, but not essential to enjoy one of the best AF golden ales.

The Good Cider Of San Sebastian - Non Alcoholic 0.0%

very nice

Alcohol Free Erdinger Gift Set - 0.5%

a excellent non alcoholic beer

Good non alcoholic beer

very small glass bottle